Afshin Ardalan offers a variety of different courses type. From Guitar/Setar private lessons to group workshops. If you are a recreational Musician who wants to improve his technique or a musician who is going to increase his knowledge on music theory, students who are preparing audition for some music schools, to musicians who are interested on Persian music or for a complete beginner who wants to play Guitar or Persian Setar.

Don’t live in Oxford area? No problem Afshin offers online remote lessons, using Skype, face time or even Gmail chat.

Classical guitar course:

If you are interested on learning classical guitar it is the opportunity to go for this.

Afshin provides different guitar courses in long term or short time goals regarding the individual needs.

Students will be offered technique lessons as well as solo repertoire and ensemble repertoire.

Regarding their level and age students will be received 30, 45, 60 or even 90 minutes weekly. And they are expected to practice regularly in week in order to have continual and enjoyable progress.

Persian Setar course:

Afshin Ardalan offers lessons for Persian Setar , lessons are based on different Setar playing method books and Persian music principals, depending on individual curriculum.

Interested on learning Persian music principals?

Afshin offers Persian music courses for researchers or musicians who are interested to know more about Persian music principals.

The language of the courses could be in English, Persian or Finnish.