World Music


The band was formed in Helsinki in the spring 2014.
Ava music Ensemble is an ethnic/fusion band performing mainly Iranian music, but also music from other musical traditions such as Caucasian, Pontian and Balkan music.
Despite the Iranian element which is mostly heard in the repertoire of Ava due to the origin of the establisher’s of the band, the aim has been from the beginning to create an open dialogue with the other already mentioned musical traditions and to research the similarities between Finnish and Persian traditions.
The dialogue has been actualised through the compositions of Afshin Ardalan and through improvisation. This dialogue and research is possible due to the variety of backgrounds and the talent of the band members.
Ava consists of musicians with classical-, pop-, folk-, and jazz music proficiency and background. This diversity of the ensemble is used as an important resource when creating new.
The aim of the band is not to strictly obey the purest form of the the traditional music, but to create something new while still being aware of the rich musical and oral traditions of mythology, poetry and folklore. Ava plays both traditional folk music and fusion, where elements of jazz-music may be heard.

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